My Teaching Philosphy

For me, music has always been first and foremost about expression and passion. I love the sound of the cello, but more than that I love the power with which it conveys emotions which are sometimes too complicated to be described. Listening and playing music has always felt like a departure from the real world into an enchanted one. My mission as a teacher is to grant my students access to that world. 

My background

I began studying music at a young age. My two older siblings and my mother took piano lessons, and I begged for piano lessons almost immediately, although I didn't start playing until I was six. 

My parents loved classical music, and we listened to it regularly growing up. My mother loves opera and Bach, and my dad is more of a fan of Tchaikovsky and Berlioz. My interest in music took off when I enrolled in the Austin Chamber Music Center Summer Workshop, at the end of sixth grade. That was where I first had the experience of playing chamber music with others, and heard a string quartet play for the first time. I continuing studying at the chamber music center for the rest of junior high and high school.

I went to study with Brandon Vamos, the cellist in the Pacifica Quartet, for my undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois. After college, I moved to Chicago and received my Master's Degree with Dr. Tanya Carey, who was Brandon's first teacher. During my studies with Dr. Carey, I became interested in pedagogy and received my Suzuki certification through the apprenticeship program with her as well.

You can read more about my professional life here.