Summer Suzuki Cello Starter Pack for Preschoolers

Between the ages of 3 and 6 is the absolute best time to start learning a musical instrument. Preschool-aged children’s brains are developing rapidly and they learn quickly and thoroughly. The skills that children learn at this age are integrated into their beings for the rest of their lives.

That being said, beginning lessons at this age can offer some challenges. Sometimes it takes a little while to know if the instrument or teacher are the right fit, and only have a lesson once a week is a long gap for children this young until they get into a routine around lessons and practicing.

To make things a little easier, I have begun offering Suzuki Cello Starter Pack for preschoolers.

How it works:

You sign up for eight 20-30 minute cello lessons scheduled during three weeks.  Daily lessons allow children to hit the ground running, become immersed in the learning process, and consolidate skills quickly and build on the things that they’ve learned the day before. Additionally, they get accustomed to playing their instruments every day which sets the groundwork for daily practice in the future. As a parent, you get a crash course in how to practice with your child and build on daily progress. After the starter pack lessons are up, you can switch over to regular weekly lessons.

Tuition rates are deeply discounted- $224 for the starter pack, which is $28/lesson (regular tuition breaks down to $40/lesson for a half hour).  Note that the starter pack is only available for lessons at my home studio in Andersonville.

Questions? Email me at If you're curious to learn more about the Suzuki Method, click here